Pianist, Composer & Recording Artist

Ian Wong is a Canadian pianist, composer and recording artist. His work is influenced by a variety of musical genres, however he is most recognized for his modern classical and ambient music recordings. 

His releases have received millions of streams and his tracks have been placed on notable editorial playlists such as:

  •  Spotify's "Peaceful Piano",  "Instrumental Study" and "Intense Studying" 
  • Amazon Music's "Crescendo", "Relaxing Piano", "Fresh Classical" and "Classical For Sleep"
  • Apple Music's "Sleep Sounds" and "Melancholy Piano"
  • YouTube Music's "Solo Piano Bliss", "Classical Crossover" and "Spine-Tingling Piano Ballads" 
  • TIDAL's "Piano Spheres"

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New Releases

Ian's catalogue is featured on streaming platforms worldwide:


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