Pianist, Composer & Recording Artist

Ian Wong is a Canadian pianist, composer and recording artist. His work is influenced by a variety of musical genres, however he is most recognized for his modern classical and ambient music recordings. 

His work has been featured on notable editorial playlists including: 

  •  Spotify's "Peaceful Piano",  "Instrumental Study" and "Intense Studying" 
  • Amazon Music's "Crescendo", "Relaxing Piano", "Fresh Classical" and "Classical For Sleep"
  • Apple Music's "Piano Chill", "Sleep Sounds" and "Melancholy Piano"
  • YouTube Music's "Solo Piano Bliss", "Classical Crossover" and "Spine-Tingling Piano Ballads" 
  • TIDAL's "Piano Spheres"

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Sheet music is available following this link.

New Releases

Ian's catalogue is featured on streaming platforms worldwide:


Connect with me

Visit my Instagram Account to see and hear my current work, what inspires my music, and how I compose. Connect with me by email at iwongmusic@gmail.com or sign up for my newsletter. 

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