Ian Wong is a pianist, composer and recording artist based out of Kingston, Canada.

He writes music in multiple genres, but he is most known for his modern classical piano pieces and his ambient music. His work has been featured on notable editorial playlists including Spotify's "Peaceful Piano", Amazon Music's "Crescendo" and Apple Music's "Sleep Sounds".

Since 2017, he has released a full length album, and numerous singles through labels including Sonder House, Mellotron Records, and 1631 Recordings. His work is also licensed for use in film, television and digital media.

His music often tells stories through its memorable and lyrical melodies.  

Ian also produces music under the project names Moonlight Echoes and Amity Fall.

As a classically-trained pianist, he obtained an Associate Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto (A.R.C.T,.) in Piano Performance. 

You can follow his artistic journey on Instagram (@iwongmusic).